Saturday, August 7, 2010

reflections of a birthday woman......

we look back....
and we go OVER and OVER those parts of our past
that we simply cannot,
 even to this day,
 fully understand......

why did we do the things that we did ?
were they pre ordained ?
destined to be ?
was 'DNA' actually driving us in the directions that we chose ?
did we, in fact,
 CHOOSE these directions ?
or were they chosen for us ??
are we victims of a psychodelic wheel of 'fortune' ???

would we do it all exactly the same way again ?

and yet....
and yet....
being in possession of so much information....
information that comes with 'experience' and time.....
we are, quintessentiallty,
 on top of the proverbial mountain !!!
so to speak...:}}

where shall we lead the people,
in honour of this blessed occasion ??

deep into the BLUE WATER ??
into a 'protest' against our adversaries ??
onto a WAVERUNNER ??
into the neighborhood 'BARNES AND NOBLE' ???
in order to get a jump start on our newest accomplishment ???

or should we simply and resolutely
 revel in the magnificence that surrounds us ??