Monday, October 18, 2010

how many chances...

must one give to a person who constantly
crosses over personal and ethical boundaries ?
and then,
to add insult to injury,
 ALWAYS insists that the 'crossing over' was done in jest ?
how many times must we allow ourselves to feel 'compromised' ?
'violated' even ?
how can we communicate these personal boundaries to these buffoons ?
and why do we feel obligated to do so in any case ??
its interesting to speculate as to our own feelings of inadequacy,
 insecurity perhaps....
leading us to connect with these externally beautiful,
vacuous creatures in the FIRST PLACE !
do we want to be abused ??
taken for granted ??
do we not possess even a modicum of self regard and respect ?
so we BLOCK and DELETE them from our lives....
expunge them....
and they spend the next several weeks telling us how
 HURT and INSULTED they are !!
maybe they should've considered that when they sent us those
rude, explicit photos of themselves...
or obsessed over us in that stalkerish way.....
it takes all kinds.....:}}