Monday, October 4, 2010

she'd been 'GOOGLE IZED' !!!

GOOGLE had swallowed her up.....
in a massive ,marketing machine of words and ads and bios and dossiers !!!
and she couldn't escape its GINORMOUS, 'techy' clutches !!!
and they were, indeed,
 serving caviar and tropical punch to the masses !!!!
there were trumpets !!!
and pied pipers !!!
and her name appeared EVERYWHERE !!
and privacy was a concept left in the wayyyyy past !!!
and portals of conspicuous magnitude were appearing out of nowhere !!!
and a boat had capsized in the Caspian Sea !!
leaving A BOATLOAD of tourists to drown as it plummeted to earth....
thankfully, a team of WHITE KNIGHTS in chinchilla had shown up on the scene !!!
and dragged the survivors to land....
where helicopters were waiting to fly them home !!!
there were banners and balloons and men on stilts !!
they arrived in Bentleys.....
ALL THIS BECAUSE OF GOOGLE's insatiable appetite !!!