Wednesday, December 1, 2010

After all...What did they expect ??

that she would cow tow to their every whim ??
that she would NEVER break the seal of 'confinement' ?
that somehow THEY would INHERIT THE EARTH ??
although their meek ways were enshrined in a pseudo-
golden pavilion of STUPIDITY?
that she would need to don her SPACE accoutrement in order to breath
through A STRAW ??
couldn't they see how ridiculous their demands were ?
and how UTTERLY foolish these demands made them look ??
did they care ??
Why were people SO LAME ???
was it the fact that CHANUKAH was upon them ?
did they fear their gifts would not be up to snuff ??
or that their oil wouldn't last for the full, 8 days ??
oyyy veyyy
wake up !!!The Gift