Tuesday, December 21, 2010



 They hadn't moved into the new home yet....

They were hoping, somehow, that the move would 'CEMENT' their life together.

As if it were a mosaic being spliced into harmonious unison. What they did NOT seem to

realize is that internal problems can NEVER be 'fixed' by adding on superfluous riff raff.....and such.

That building the most spectacular, opulent, and downright "expensive" home,

would not begin to repair the damage that had been waged internally upon the family.

That a superficial remedy is but a 'bandaid' with which to temporarily COVER the wound.

But ultimately, that the wound continues to ooze until such time as a 'healing' takes place.

And even THEY themselves were embarassed somehow to be BUILDING ANEW

whilst "limbs and grandchildren" were quite literally being lost in war....

on the theological and geographical issues that so continued to plague the MIDDLE EAST.

Perhaps the forlorn couple should have taken the 'million or so dollars' spent on the

"CONSPICUOUS CONSTRUCTION" and given it to the family of the young CHAYAL(soldier) who had given his life so heroically in order that his PRECIOUS ISRAEL remain safe and secure.

Would that the "silly spenders" had realized that the healing of the family may have actually come to pass,

had they generously given of their hearts and wallets....as the opening of the heart will reveal ALWAYS a new kind of LOVE and FORGIVENESS....