Saturday, May 7, 2011

on BLOCKING our own Happiness.....

What is it, do you suppose,
that makes people LITERALLY stand in their own way ?
What sick, twisted gene takes over just as we are on the PRECIPICE of success and Happiness?
(mind you, NOT NECESSARILY "MONETARY" SUCCESS whatsoever!)
Are we ultimately not SUPPOSED to be HAPPY / SUCCESSFUL/ SATISFIED?
Is it BENEATH US somehow ?
Vulgar even ?
After all, what IS happiness ?
Is it the feel of a Man's sweaty skin brushing up against our own ?
Is it the smell of freshly baked muffins on a freezing, cold day ?
Is it that FIRST look at a our newborn child ?
Is HAPPINESS simply a feeling of satisfaction ?
of Comfort ?
of Security ?
What of those people who prefer to live on the EDGE ?
WITHOUT security ?
Is EXCITEMENT a factor in a happy life ?
UN predictability ??
Why do we continuously BUCK UP against our own feeling of WORTH ?
of the ENTITLEMENT to lead happy existences ?

For Example:
Take a man who has been married for, uhh, 7 years, let'say....
He has a GORGEOUS and LOVING wife....
wonderful, healthy kids....
a great job....
He was parented beautifully and in a wholesome way...
But yet....
One day...
HE CHEATS with his secretary...
Just like that!
What suddenly SNAPS ?
and makes him willing to risk his ENTIRELY SECURE and HAPPY LIFE ??

There are countless examples of this same kind of scenario..
this PUZZLING kind of behavior..
Where does it stem from ?
Thoughts ?.