Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If the fruit is not ripe, do we eat it anyway ??

Do we jump on things prematurely ?
Ya think ?
Would our own agendas be met with more satisfaction,
closure even,
were we to wait until a modicum of "ripening" has occurred ?
We ride around in convertibles in April...
just because there's one day that's actually above freezing level!
(and we ALWAYS get sick just afterwards..)
We count our commissions before the deal is even consummated....
We go in search of NEW MATES before the old relationships are even over....
We expect to have lost 20 pounds when we've only been on the diet for 5 days !!!
and on and on....
How 'bout we try this a NEW way ?
How 'bout we wait....and see....   before acting ?
How 'bout we administer a tad of PATIENCE to the scenario ?
What will happen to our rhythm if we change our patterning ?