Wednesday, October 31, 2012


What happened ??
Were we dreaming ??
Did the sky FALL ?
What about the birds ?
Did they DIE ?
Will the wires electrocute our kids ?
Will there EVER be school again ?
It's sunny outside...
like it never happened...
What about the shelters ?
The boats in the middle of the highway ??
How many cans of tuna can one consume without ACUTE MERCURY POISONING manifesting ?
Do you think the fish KNEW what was happening ?
Was there really a SHARK on the street in TEANECK ?
My mind is BURSTING with the onslaught of MYRIAD NOTIONS of
But it's sunny today...
Where did the storm go ?
Do storms eventually PETER OUT ?
Or do they just keep REEKING HAVOC on different locations ??
forever ????