Friday, April 11, 2014


What then ?
What are we supposed to do in light of all of this new information regarding the NSA, etc ?
EVERYONE having access to EVERYTHING ...
Should we stop TRUSTING altogether ??
Is there even a point to LIVING if that's the only alternative ?
Do we not STILL,
even after ALL of the TRAUMA and DEBACLE of the recent past,
have somewhat of a inalienable right to BELIEVE ???
And, prey tell,
HOW is EVERYTHING that happens OUR FAULT ???
WHY are we BLAMED for ALL of the trouble ??
Is it possible that we, on some level,
are really just, plain, old VICTIMS ??
Victims of a fast paced, ever-bourgeoning, 'tech-absurd' world ?
In the end of the day...
are we not ALLOWED any longer...(at times)
to have a CHILD-LIKE BELIEF in humanity as a whole ?
Sorry, friends...
But I am not ready to throw in the towel......
I'm simply not willing to give up the waning, effervescence of
and replace it with UTTER "JADED-ness"......