Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm wondering about Thanksgiving...

Having coming from a family where both my parents were survivors of Auschwitz, I have often
considered the meaning of this particular holiday. My parents had always told us to be very, very grateful to be in the US, as we were living in a nation of FREEDOM. And further, that we would always, somehow, take this "state of freedom and liberty" for granted. And these words stayed with me throughout my life.
So fast forward to today. My country is being governed by a president who seems rather reluctant (to put it mildly!) to give ALL of us our freedom. Or rather, to ALLOW us to continue living with our freedom.
Clearly, Mr Obama appears to be HELL BENT on the 'Muslimization' of the United States. This, unfortunately, is evident in virtually ALL of his decisions, actions, etc. With this increasingly alarming state of FLUX, I'm wondering whether THANKSGIVING need take on a different kind of meaning to us, as Jews, as citizens of the free world, etc.
One cannot help but imagine a Thanksgiving table in future years, surrounded by overly draped
women and turbaned men, smoking Hashish and the likes. Eating schwarma and other similarly
'unfamiliar' , neo-Thanksgiving foods. In this disconcerting scene, there is a DONKEY standing in the room, next to the table, and two men are carrying the carcass of a cow on a LARGE ROTISSERIE
Just saying.... .