Friday, January 4, 2013

Is she BLUE ?

Is the woman in the painting BLUE ?
Is it a color or a mood ?
Is she receiving a gift ?
 'GIVING' one ?
Does she like frozen yogurt ?
Does ANYONE like frozen yogurt ??
Is she a red head ?
a brunette ?
Do people still say BRUNETTE ?
Why did she switch over from RED ?
Was she too VISIBLE ?
Does she wear SOCKS ?
Are her breasts BIG or SMALL ??
What do we really KNOW about the woman in BLUE ?
Is she in PAIN ?
Is she HAPPY ?
Is ANYONE happy ?
Was she divorced ?
Is she on a date ?
Does she kiss with her tongue ?
or just her lips ?
Are the lips INJECTED with some form or other of botulism ?
WHERE is the scene taking place ??
Is she ME ?