Monday, February 7, 2011

When you need them...

What do you think a person ought to do...
when the chips are down....
and they have asked their 'friends' and family for help...(ad nauseum)
only to seemingly fall upon deaf ears?...
Should they "lower their expectations"?
Should they, indeed, extricate themselves from these 'so-called' friendships ?
Should they 'turn the other cheek'?
Do JEWS do that ?
Or is that an entirely CHRISTIAN concept ?
What is one to do when people do NOT reciprocate with
 the level of dedication which one has so often displayed toward them?
Should they, perhaps, become more like these COLD FISH  themselves?
And not CARE as much ?
Would that type of ""ventriclicle reconnoitering"" even be possible
Desirable ??
We'd need complete rewiring !

This is a touchy,multi-faceted, and utterly sensitive topic...
with a veritable plethora of responses...
Comments ?
   Thoughts ?